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TXT (Text Message SMS)

If you have a mobile device that doesn't support downloadable applications or your mobile contract doesn't include a data plan (access to the web), you can still take advantage of mobile banking via text messages. Just text a simple command like BAL for balance or TRAN for transactions and you'll receive a text back in seconds with the requested information. TXT mobile banking does not have bill payment capability. Please note any texting pricing on your phone still applies.

Once activated, you can text the following messages to 48179:

  • BAL – Balance on your accounts
  • HIST – History on the account
  • ATM – To find an ATM location
  • Branch – To find a branch
  • Stop – Discontinue Text mobile banking

APP (Downloadable Application)

The downloadable application is used by installing a free application directly on your mobile phone that uses your existing user name and password. Many phones, including most smart phones, support this application. This method supports bill payment.