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Loyalty Rewards

Automatically qualify for Loyalty Rewards with higher combined deposit and loan balances! 

With any active checking account and higher combined balances, you can automatically qualify for our Loyalty Rewards benefits when conducting business with the bank.  One of the benefits is a discounted AAA® membership!   You only pay the discounted rate to the bank and we pay AAA® the total membership fee.  It’s our way saying of thank you for your business and choosing WSB! 

All AAA® memberships come with Identify Theft monitoring and the service must be activated from the AAA® website.

  Complimentary Identity Theft monitoring with every AAA® membership!

Level Bronze Silver Gold
Combined Loans and Deposits $10,000 $50,000 $150,000
AAA® Membership Discount 15% 30% 60%
Free Official Checks
Free Gift Cards
Two free check orders per year -
Free Wire Transfers - -
Preferred CD Rates - -

Apply for AAA® Discount

AAA® is a registered trademark of the American Automobile Association, Inc. The membership discount is for a 12-month basic AAA® membership with a retail cost of $52.00 and must be enrolled from the WSB website. Your account will be charged the appropriate discounted membership fee and the AAA® membership will be received in the mail within 1-3 weeks from enrollment. The program is not endorsed by AAA®, nor is there any actual or implied joint venture, partnership or relationship of any kind with Washington Savings Bank (WSB). An active checking account is required for the Loyalty Rewards.

Online Form Center

Access a number of important forms online in a matter of minutes!

Rewards Debit Card

At most banks, a debit card is just a convenient piece of plastic. But at Washington Savings Bank, your Mastercard® debit card is your golden ticket to rewards. Because at WSB, we give you more.

  • With Cash Rewards checking, 20 cents for every signature debit card purchase, max $20 month
  • With Interest Rewards Checking, earn high interest and ATM refunds when monthly qualifications are met
  • Features EMV chip technology
  • Choose from 10 designer cards
  • 24/7 Debit Card Support
  • Turn your card on and off using our mobile banking app
  • Convenient access to your account balance
  • Make purchases anytime, virtually anywhere
  • Withdraw funds or make account transfers from ATMs
  • ATM refunds up to $15 per month with Interest Rewards Checking
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen
  • Instant Debit Card Issue at our branch locations
  • Use digital wallets such as Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™, and Google Pay™

Access all applications related to our debit card capabilities via our convenient online form center

Teller Services

  • Cashier’s checks
  • Coin counting
  • Fax service
  • Money orders
  • Stamps
  • Gift cards


Have a question about our services? Visit our FAQ page.