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Have the best of both worlds — interest and liquidity — with this dynamic savings account.

Key Features

  • High Interest of 4.25% APY
  • Easy Money Movement
  • Competitive high Interest Yield of 4.25% APY*
  • Fully insured through FDIC and DIF**
  • Enjoy flexibility with enhanced access to funds:
    • No wire fees (in or out)
  • Free business digital banking services, including:
    • Free online banking
    • Free mobile banking with mobile deposit
    • Free eStatements
  • $10 minimum deposit to open and earn interest
  • Easy Opening, we come to you!
    • Call Vee Kong at (978) 996-2479
    • Maximum deposit $500,000



To help the government fight financial crime, Federal law requires financial institutions to obtain, certify, and record information about beneficial owners of a Legal Entity customer, i.e. corporations, limited liability companies, etc. Beginning May 11, 2018, each time an account, i.e. deposit, lending, etc. is opened for a covered Legal Entity, you will be required to provide the name, address, date of birth, and social security number for the following beneficial owners: Each individual who owns, directly or indirectly, 25% or more of the Legal Entity; and an individual with significant responsibility for managing, controlling, or directing the Legal Entity. You will also be asked to provide identifying documentation for each beneficial owner, so their identities can be verified, and sign a form certifying that the information is correct.

*APY = Annual Percentage Yield

**Each depositor is insured by the FDIC to at least $250,000. All deposits above the FDIC insurance amount are insured by the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF).