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Some Big Changes to Online Banking

1) One Time Passcode (OTP) has been implemented  (Verify your email address)

2) Zelle has been implemented

3) New Online Alerts System


1. One Time Passcode (OTP)


Your online banking challenge questions were replaced with a One Time Password (OTP).   This is considered better online security to protect you from unauthorized access to your accounts. 

Before this update:

If you logged into your online banking service from a new computer, you would be prompted with some challenge questions. (These questions and answers were previously selected in your online enrollment.)  Once correctly answered, you would access your online banking service as normal.  

After this update:

If you log in from a new computer, instead of a challenge question, the system will generate a One Time Passcode (OTP) to the email address we have on file.  You will then read your email and type the passcode into the online banking screen to access your online banking service as normal.  

As before, you’ll be given the option to register the new computer, so you won’t be prompted with the OTP the next time you log in from that same system. Simply click the box “Don’t challenge me again on this device” to register that new system.

It's important to confirm your online email address is correct to make sure the OTP is being sent to the correct person.  Verify and update your email address following the below steps, AFTER you log into online banking.

  1. Click “Profile” on the top right of your screen to see your profile screen.
  2. Click “Edit” to the right of “Email” on your profile screen
  3. Verify the email displayed is correct.  If not, enter your current email address and click “Save” 

This change does not affect mobile banking, as your smart phone already provides enhanced security, but may impact third party apps and sites that you've set up to automatically download your banking transactions.  i.e. Mint.


2. Zelle Now available!

We've implemented the Zelle person to person payment system.  Unlike other P2P systems, Zelle can be real time to your bank account!  Learn more here.


3. New Alerts System

We implemented a better account alert system that will give you the option for more alerts and the option to send them to your email, SMS text, and APP.  There is also a new secure inbox on your online banking to view the alerts.  Any previously set up alerts will need to be set-up on the new system.