Personal Loan Rates

For questions on loan rates, please contact Lorraine Ilsley at (978) 265-0930 or Vee Kong at (978) 569-1623.

For questions on deposit rates, please contact any branch or call our main number at (978) 458-7999.

Rates effective as of December 04, 2014.

Personal Loans

TermInterest RateAPR*Payment Per Thousand
5 Year**15.50%15.50%24.05
5 Year with Auto Pay**15.25%15.25%23.92
3 Year***15.50%15.50%34.91
3 year with Auto Pay***15.25%15.25%34.79

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.

**5 year term available only to existing customers with an account relationship of one year or more.

***3 year term available to existing customers or new customers.

Minimum Loan: $1,000

Maximum Loan: $5,000 for existing customers. $3,000 for new customers.

New customer is defined as a depositor/borrower with an account relationship of one year or less.