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    Note: Please be aware, you should first try to stop automatic payments with the payee, such as the gym or loan service provider. You are placing a stop payment on this exact AMOUNT from being withdrawn from your account by the payee, another payment varying by only a few cents will be processed as normal.

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    If this stop payment is for an electronic transaction, the order does not expire until revoked. Your account bill be charged a stop payment fee, please refer to the bank's fee schedule. I understand that this written stop payment order shall be effective for 6 months from the date of this order, unless renewed by me in writing. I understand that if this order is in confirmation of a prior stop payment order, the oral order is binding upon you only if this written order has been delivered to you within 14 calendar days from the date of the oral order. I understand you will not be responsible for stopping payment on said item and further agree not to hold you liable on account of any payment contrary to this request if the stop payment order was not received at such time and in such manner to afford you a reasonable opportunity to act on it prior to any other action which you may have taken with respect to the item or through inadvertence, accident or oversight or if by reason of such payment other items drawn by me are returned for insufficient funds. Corporate customer ACH stop payment requests expire after 6 months with one renewal allowed. This written statement is true and correct, I am an authorized signer, or otherwise have authority to account, on the account identified in this statement.

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