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Receiving Bank Information

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  • An ABA number is also known as a routing number. It is the nine digit number found on the bottom of checks that is unique to a bank. Your recipient should have this number or they should call their bank to get it.

Recipient Information

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For Further Credit To:

    (complete only if an intermediary party is involved, i.e. you are sending the money to company for the benefit of another person than yourself)

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    I hereby authorize Washington Savings Bank to process the above-described Wire Transfer. I understand and agree that the Bank may assess a fee for this service in the amount shown in the most current Schedule of Fees. By clicking below I acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions:

    1. I have reviewed the above information for accuracy with the information I provided and found it to be correct.
    2. Washington Savings Bank shall not be liable for any errors committed by the Customer. The Bank may rely and act upon the information as shown without further verification by the Bank.
    3. If the Bank can not reach me by phone to verify this wire, they may not send the wire until they do receive such verification.
    4. I hereby acknowledge notice from the bank that in the event that any incorrect information is provided that it will be relied upon by the receiving institution, intermediary party and/or beneficiary and may result in improper or delayed credit.
    5. Washington Savings Bank shall not be liable for damages, consequential or otherwise, or customer's attorney's fees due to a failure to execute or in the event of a delay in the transmission of this authorized wire transfer.
    6. The Bank reserves the right to refuse or delay the transmission of this request without prior notice;
      1. If, through no fault of ours, you do not have enough money, or the funds are not available, in your account to make the wire transfer
      2. If the transfer would cause a loan to be made in excess of any credit limit you may have on your account
      3. If we are legally restricted from transferring the funds in your account
      4. If circumstances beyond our control, (including but not limited to, telecommunications outages or interruptions, delays caused by the recipient of the transfer, fire or flood) prevent the transfer despite reasonable precautions that we have taken.
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