As a busy business, waiting on the mail for valuable account information is not efficient. Expedite the process with instantly accessible eStatements. Access up to 18 months worth of statements anytime, from anywhere with internet access.

Prevent storage hassles and time wasted searching for past statements in the process. eStatements even help protect your company's security—by eliminating a paper trail of your private information, you reduce the risk of fraudsters getting access to it.

  • Free service, available through online banking or separately through our secure website
  • Email notification sent each month when statement is ready to view
  • Access 18 months worth of statements anytime, anywhere with internet access
  • Avoid paper storage hassles and time spent searching for past statements
  • Eliminate fraud; remove a paper trail of your private information
  • More environmentally friendly than paper statements
  • Easily print or download statements securely to your computer or other storage device