You can download the complete Switch Kit, which includes all the forms in a single PDF.

You may fill out the forms online and then print or download all the forms and complete them by hand.

The PDF contains: Washington Savings Bank Overview, Helpful Numbers and Web addresses, Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form, Automatic Payment or Withdrawal Change Form, and Account Closing Form

Where to Find Routing and Account Numbers:

  1. The bank's routing number is the 9-digit number located in the bottom left corner of your check.
  2. Your account number is the set of numbers appearing just after the routing number or to the left of the check sequence number. Although your Account Number may contain spaces and symbols, do not type them.

Switch Kit

Switch your accounts to Washington Savings Bank

Interested in switching your accounts to Washington Savings Bank, but not sure how to get started? That's why we've developed the WSB EZ-Switch Kit, a step-by-step checklist to help make your transition to a new Washington Savings Bank account quick and easy. Just follow the simple steps to get started.

If we can be of any assistance throughout the transition, please call any of our branch locations or customer service at 978-458-7999. Our staff members can help you complete all the necessary forms! Simply bring in your prior month bank statement for help.

Thank you for choosing Washington Savings Bank, we give you more!

Just follow these simple steps.

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Open an account in a Branch or Online.

Visit our checking account comparison page and pick the account best for you.

Click Open Now to begin your application. You can fund your new account three different ways:

  • Credit or Debit card ($25 max)
  • Transfer from an existing WSB account
  • Mail in a check

Use the Locations and Hours page to locate the Bank Branch closest to you.

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Change your Direct Deposits to Washington Savings Bank.

Use our Direct Deposit Authorization Change Form to change any direct deposits. Our staff member can help you complete the forms.

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Change your Automatic Payments or Withdrawals to Washington Savings Bank.

Use our Automatic Payment or Withdrawal Authorization Change Form to change any Automatic Payments or Withdrawals. Our staff member can help you complete the forms. See our Switch Guarantee below.

NOTE: Be sure to leave sufficient funds in your former account until all of your checks have cleared and any automatic withdrawals have been successfully transferred to Washington Savings Bank.

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Close your former account at the other institution.

Use our Account Closing Form to close your account at the other banking institution.

NOTE: Once you close your account at the other institution, remember to shred or destroy any old checks for security purposes.

Switch Guarantee: We know it can be challenge when switching banks, especially making sure your payments still get paid. If you transfer payments to your new Washington Savings Bank account and there are insufficient funds, we'll personally contact you to make arrangements for payment. Ask for details.