National Rewards Checking

National Rewards Checking

Finally! A national checking account with no overdraft or ATM fees!

Plus a free Mastercard® debit card with unlimited cash rewards and you CAN write checks. Free nationwide ATM access at over 55,000 Allpoint® locations, more than ALL the "big banks" combined!

Save money by avoiding overdraft and ATM fees, all for a flat $4.95 monthly fee with direct deposit. ($7.95 monthly fee without direct deposit). Don't be fooled by "big bank" imitators who plan to sock you with ATM fees and limit your check writing ability. Go with a community bank that can give you a better product and better service.

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  • NO overdraft fees!
  • NO ATM fees, free nationwide ATM access through the Allpoint® 55,000 ATMs Network!
  • NO minimum balance!
  • NO deposit fees!
  • NO withdrawal fees!
  • Unlimited debit card cash rewards paid monthly! Earn every time you swipe!
  • Deposit Money through direct deposit, mobile check deposit, online transfer or mail!
  • FREE debit card or even order a Designer debit card!
  • FREE direct deposit!
  • FREE online banking & bill pay with online budget tools!
  • FREE mobile banking!
  • FREE mobile deposit! (only available after 3 months, see FAQs tab)
  • FREE estatements! (required for this account)
  • FREE Popmoney® service that allows person to person payments!
  • One low flat monthly fee of only $4.95 with direct deposit ($7.95 monthly fee without direct deposit)
  • Discounted Check Order! (if desired)

Have more questions? Use the FAQs tab above or use the "Questions" button to send us a message.

Current account contract and disclosures.


Can I apply for a National Rewards Checking Account from any state? – Yes, a National Rewards Checking account is available to anyone inside the United States who is a U.S. citizen.

Is there a monthly maintenance fee? – Yes, a monthly fee of $4.95 will be imposed every statement cycle if you have direct deposit of payroll or government benefit. If you don't have direct deposit, the monthly fee will be $7.95. Keep in mind, you also earn unlimited debit card cash rewards, so you may earn more on rewards than the monthly fee!

How does this compare to a prepaid card? - Just like a prepaid card, you can use the card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. But you also have the benefits of one low monthly fee with no deposit (load) fees or ATM fees if you use the Allpoint® network of ATMs. This account should be much cheaper than a prepaid card and it's a real checking account.

How do I make deposits? - There's several ways to make deposits.

  • The easiest way is setting up direct deposit, which we'll help you set up.
  • To deposit a check, you can use our mobile check deposit APP or use the old fashioned way of mail. Note: Mobile deposits have a hold until we know the funds are good. If you don't have direct deposit from payroll or government benefit in your account, mobile deposits have restrictions as detailed below.
  • If you need to deposit cash, simply buy an inexpensive money order check available at most convenience stores and use our mobile check deposit service or mail it.
  • A faster way to deposit cash is to use Western Union® or MoneyGram® to transfer money into your account. Western Union® and MoneyGram® charge a fee for this service.

What are the restrictions for mobile deposits? - Since mobile deposit has the highest risk of fraud to the bank there are some additional conditions for us to trust you with it.

1) If you don't have direct deposit from payroll or a government source, we may ask you to send us a picture of the destroyed check.

2) We usually limit mobile deposit to a maximum of $500 per day. The longer you have your account, the higher we'll increase your limit upon request. If you have a specific need of depositing a payroll check over $500, let us know and we may be able to make an exception.

3) There is a delay of funds of 5 business days for mobile deposits. The bank reserves the right to place an extended hold if we doubt collectability of the check.

Why are there restrictions for mobile deposits? - In a nutshell, it's very risky to the bank.

Does a National Rewards Checking come with a real checkbook? – Yes, you can use a real checkbook with your own personal checks. Even order your 1st order of 150 checks from us for only $6.95!

Does a National Rewards Checking Account come with a MasterCard debit card? – Yes, you will receive your own personal MasterCard debit card. The standard design is free and you can even upgrade to over 85 designer cards for a small fee.

Is it possible to overdraw my account? Yes. You won't receive overdraft fees, but there are some situations in which your account can be overdrawn. For example, a returned deposit item after we've made funds available to you and the money has been spent. Some debit card transactions can be forced through and the monthly maintenance fee will be charged to your account regardless of balance. You are obligated to cover overdrafts on your account.

Can I add a joint owner? – Yes. You may add a joint owner to the account using our ADD A JOINT OWNER form once your account has been opened at least 30 days and is funded.

Do I receive full online banking privileges? - Yes, you receive the same online banking functions as all of our checking accounts, except for the mobile deposit restrictions. Online banking, bill payment, Popmoney®, mobile banking is all the same. It even has some money management tools to help you manage your money better. Check out our online videos of the services.

Can I open a savings account too? - Yes. You may open a savings account after your checking account has been opened for at least 90 days and your account is in good standing. Our National Savings Account has no monthly minimum balance with a small $1.95 monthly fee.

Fees Alert!

When we say a flat $4.95 per month ($7.95 without direct deposit), we mean it!

Stop Payment Fee

(for paper checks or electronic withdrawals)

Overdraft/ NSF FeeFREE!
Surcharge ATM Fee

(We don't charge these fees, the owners of ATMs charge them for using their machine.)


Just make sure to use any of the 55,000 plus ATMs in the Allpoint® network. Check your zip code on the Allpoint® ATM Locator to find one near you!

Foreign ATM FeeFREE!
Returned Deposit Item

(This is a check that deposited into your account and then was returned to the bank for lack of funds - bounced!)

Mobile DepositFREE!
Debit CardFREE!

(direct deposits, mail or transfers)